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    St. Thomas’ College (Thrissur) was founded on 23rd June 1919 for the services of people in the field of higher education. The objectives are not  only intellectual excellence and imparting skills but mainly formation of good citizens of character and ability, committed to the services of their fellowmen.

   In fact the college intends to stress the primary moral, spiritual and ethical values in the integrated development of man. The objectives are achieved  not only through instruction, but also from the general atmosphere of the college that develop personality, chapter and disposition. The vision is enshrined in the motto: “ Veritas Vos  Liberabit ” – the truth will set you free. On 14th October ,1927 our beloved Mahatma Gandhi visited St. Thomas college and addressed a meeting of staff and students.

    St. Thomas College, is located in Thrissur City, the Cultural Capital of Kerala State, India. Founded by Fr. Medleycott in the early-20th century, this college played a very important role in the development of Kerala. It gave birth to the thoughts of the communist leader and Kerala's first chief minister E.M.S Namboodiripadu. Kerala's education minister Prof. Joseph Mundassery was a professor of St. Thomas College, Thrissur; it was he who brought the revolutionary Education bill which is thought to have transformed the face of Kerala.

    St. Thomas College, Thrissur is the first Roman Catholic college in Kerala, India. It is conducted by the Arch Diocese of Trichur. It was found by the Rt. Rev. Dr. John Menachery, the Bishop and Vicar Apostolic of Trichur in April 1919 for the service of the people in the field of higher education. The stated objective are not only intellectual excellence and imparting of skills but mainly formation of good citizens of character and ability, committed to the service of their fellow man.

    Some of the other famous personalities who spent their campus life in this famous institution are  Mathai Manjooran, C. Achutha Menon, V.M. Sudheeran, Hon'ble Sri. Justice P. R. Raman, Dr. Mar Aprem Metropolitan, Formerly George David Mooken, Bishop Dr. Paulose Mar Paulose, Prof. George Menachery – Historian, M.P. Parameshwaran - Scientist turned social activist, Ousepachan (Malayalam musician), Shimju David (Chief Executive Officer, Emax Software).


    St. Thomas' College Thrissur Alumni, UAE Chapter established in year 2000. The whole purpose of establishing a chapter Alumni was to provide an open and friendly forum for all the old students to meet each other and to nature their friendship. Alumni considers that helping our members to get employment and extend support to any member who is in distress in this foreign land as its primary responsibility. Since inception, this chapter has been conducting regular get together and social activities involving all members and their families. Cultural functions and sports meets have helped in strengthening friendship among the families. These get together have served as an excellent occasion for the members and their families not only to meet each other, but also to express and exhibit their talents in various performing arts like dance, drama, mimicry, public speaking etc.

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